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Jennifer Allan - "Selling to Your Sphere of Influence: No Sales Pitch Required!"
Whoever came up with the idea that the best way to generate business and referrals from your friends is to pester them to death? If traditional approaches to relationship marketing leave you cold, you'll want to hear what Jennifer has to say on the matter. Yes, you CAN succeed with a referral-based business model without becoming that annoying real estate agent everyone avoids at parties...

Bill Barrett - "Increase Your Business–Decrease Your Stress!"
Real estate educator Bill Barrett shares his insights on “the easiest and newest technologies to increase business and decrease stress.” He emphasizes that constant communication with buyers and sellers has always been the foundation of good marketing and good listing service, and the Internet has opened more efficient and more effective ways to reach consumers. Among the examples he cites is a powerful MLS strategy. It is available on most MLS web sites at no extra charge but is overlooked by a surprising number of agents. Barrett suggests specific email techniques and Internet services that can be used to impress clients and prospects, including high-tech, low-cost tricks for showcasing properties. His ideas cover the gamut from building a better email list and recruiting sellers to connecting with buyers and keeping up with past clients. Even Barrett’s recommendations of fun web sites have a creative business twist with potential to increase an agent’s bottom line.

Dave Beson - "Three Big Myths of Real Estate Marketing"
Real estate trainer and coach Dave Beson focuses on how to improve agent productivity. Technology is at the core of his advice, but he cautions, “I see people letting technology be an impediment like a pebble in their shoe rather than a tool.” Beson provides guidelines for taking advantage of technology to achieve balance between work and the rest of life. He credits the Internet with making the real estate industry portable. Beson recommends specific tech tools and tells how to use them to harness the full power of wireless connectivity without getting trapped in a 24/7 environment. He also identifies the single most important skill for agent success, which assures getting the most benefit from every contact. Beson introduces concepts from his newest seminar on “Rebooting Your Business” and his book-in-process on proven success strategies for RE professionals.

Roger Butcher - "Pocket Tall Profits from Short Sales!"
National trainer and short-sale specialist Roger Butcher coaches real estate pros on how to turn the national foreclosure crisis into an opportunity while also helping distressed homeowners. He estimates that there will be another seven million potential foreclosures over the next two-to-three years. “We’ve got to get thousands of trained salespeople in the field that understand the foreclosure process and trained to be able to meet with homeowners and explain to them what their options are so that they can avoid foreclosure,” comments Butcher in a nutshell. He describes the basics of short sales and the foreclosure process and gives an overview of the services for short sales and alternative solutions that knowledgeable agents can provide. Butcher elaborates on the training and support, much of it at no charge, available from his company, Short Sales Express.

Rich Chadwick - "How To Turn Video Into Commission Gold!"
Rich Chadwick, a streaming media expert and pioneer in online advertising, tells attendees how to profit from the real estate video surge and to boost visibility and sales. According to Chadwick, “Video on web sites…is becoming expected, so the pressure is on real estate professionals to adapt to its use.” His company is committed to keeping video simple and affordable for agents, and he shares practical tips for navigating the video process with ease. In covering the essential steps to get a video product online, he outlines options for doing video yourself as well as ways to work effectively with a professional. Chadwick makes the point that once video is created, it needs to be put to effective use—and he has specific suggestions of what to do. For example, he recommends a special marketing application for video that is inexpensive but will provide a WOW factor to impress both buyers and sellers. The video-sharing phenomenon online presents agents with a golden opportunity. Chadwick explains how to take advantage of it but also warns about a significant pitfall.

Anticipating Change
This is a must see, mind stretching look at the future. See how the power of mega-computing will change not only the way you do business but also the way you live. This presentation will keep you on the mega-cutting edge. It makes a sales meeting hit and will send chills up the spines of all practicing real estate professionals.

Sherry Chris - "Networking On-Line and Off-Line!"
Join Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate LLC CEO, Sherry Chris, as she gives practical insight into making sense of social media, for your business. Get expert advice, tips and tools you can start using right away.

Albert Clark - "Big Advantage Urgency Marketing!"
Al Clark explains the big competitive advantage real esate agents can gain from easily implemented "Urgency Marketing".

Mike Cutlip - "Build Your Income with Social Networking!"
Social networking expert Mike Cutlip clarifies ways that real estate pros can leverage their sphere of influence with the latest social networking tools. “These tools allow agents to post their expertise and knowledge online and allow agents to generate leads,” he says. Cutlip defines what social networking web sites are, how they are used by the general public, and how they can be incorporated into a cutting-edge real estate web strategy. Using this relatively new phenomenon to build a network of referrals and keep up with existing clients online puts agents well ahead of the curve. Cutlip names the prime social networking sites and other popular tools for connecting online. He tells how to get started on a social networking site and gives some tips and tricks for succeeding. So that listeners can learn more, he suggests several Web resources, including one for video instructions on using any particular social networking tool.

Karen Deis - "Finding Home Buyer Gold in Apartment Complexes"
The NAR Survey of Home Buyers and Sellers has stated that almost 40% of all home sales, over the last 11 years, have been to first time home buyers. What's more, over 60% of those first-time home buyers, RENTED before buying their first home! So why market to apartment complexes? Because that's where you will find buyers! Karen goes thru her step by step process that she used in her real estate and mortgage business for almost 10 years! Here's what you will learn:   

How to do your research   

What to send them   

The follow up system

...because the addresses never change, but the people who live there do, so you are constantly marketing to new people!

Jim Droz- "Handling Seller Objections"
Have you given thought to the thousands of dollars you can lose by not knowing how to respond to just one objection? A true professional knows how to ease client concerns. And, he/she knows how to encourage a buyer or seller to take action in a direction that is in the clients best interest. Have you prepared yourself to handle the most common client concerns? In this session, you will learn how to respond to many of the objections that confront an agent on a near daily basis.

Randy Eagar - "Need For Feeds"
This session covers how to use blogs and RSS feeds as user-driven marketing platforms to enhance and improve content publishing and syndication. Learn in addition about podcasting and successful "drip marketing" campaigns. This will discuss how blogs and RSS marketing can be used to enable access to any web site, device, content platform, or application; and enable users to get their message out more productively in whatever form they desire and whenever they want. Learn the best tips, tools, and techniques to optimize content delivery via blogs, podcasts, video casts and RSS feeds for maximum reach and effectiveness. Find out how RSS marketing can be used to increase search engine rankings.

Matthew Ferrara - "Real Estate, The Next Generation" - Keynote
Real Estate, the Next Generation is designed to strip away all of the old clichés and assumptions about how real estate should be done and prepare brokers for the future. Remember, most brokerage is “broken” today: the proof is in the continuing struggle for profit, the constant scurrying to recruit, the half-baked approaches to training and the futile resistance to technology that pervades most companies today. This presentation exposes all of that - and will help you leave it all behind.

Real Estate, the Next Generation isn’t about fixing brokerage. It’s about planning to compete in an industry that’s consumer-centric, tech-savvy and quality-centric. It starts by examining the modern buyer and sellers and asking, What do they want and how do they want it? Once brokers identify that the future consumer isn’t anything like the past consumer, they’ll be able to design strategies to be successful in a whole new marketplace.

Bill French - "Easy Blogging Techniques For a Torrent of Commissions"
Real estate technology pioneer Bill French informs attendees on social media, social media search and their importance to real estate today. “The Web has continually morphed itself to provide us with new and interesting ways to communicate with prospects and customers and the public at large,” he says. The trend for agents is to focus on greater conversation on the Web—and that is what social media are all about. Using social networking sites and blogs to expand one’s web presence is important, but French cautions that unless agents are visible on these popular sites, they will not reap the potential business benefit. French’s company provides large companies with solutions to integrate traditional sites and social content, but here he advises listeners how they can accomplish that goal on their own. He recommends user-friendly resources for building second-tier search capability on one’s own site, and he suggests aggregating social content in creative ways for new business opportunities.

Dustin Gellman - "Tech Tips to Boost Your Commercial Sales!"
Dustin Gellman of Catylist zeros in on technology tips that are of interest to all practitioners but of particular benefit for Commercial agents. Being in the field of commercial listing services, he advises attendees on how to combine the use of listing services and customer relationship management databases for maximum impact through targeted marketing. Single practitioners can use listing services effectively to level the playing field against much larger competitors. Gellman is sensitive to the needs of small offices and lists the technology they require for success. He tells the secrets of what makes for a good web site and effective email communication, drawing a distinction between property marketing and corporate marketing. Gellman outlines a three-step approach to building a solid marketing plan rooted in technology. Once agents have a good plan, he further explains how they should take advantage of it up front to attract sellers, even before employing it to market actual listings. According to Gellman, "The most underutilized aspect of technology is to actually use it as listing tool."

Jim Gillespie - "How to Make Big Money in a Difficult Commercial Market"
The economy has changed dramatically, and making big money in commercial real estate brokerage requires a new mindset and immediate action. In this presentation you'll learn the important steps to take right now in your brokerage business to make sure you're making solid money and beating your competition to the business. In addition, you'll get an inside look at what could be the most creative marketing approach ever utilized in commercial real estate brokerage, from a broker who's closing more than $55 million a year in commercial real estate transactions.

Allen Hainge - "Soar with the Cyber Stars!"
National real estate trainer Allen Hainge lays out the importance of Internet communication for agents across all real estate specialties. “On the consumer side,” he says, “they have an ever increasing reliance on the Web for real estate information.” He goes on to explain how agents can make this phenomenon work in their favor and laments that too few truly “get it.” Hainge identifies the reason why some agents continue to resist technology and points out that those who employ Internet strategies—especially in tough markets—are profiting at the expense of their less tech-savvy colleagues. Also noted was the wide disparity in the median annual income of all Realtors ($49,000) and the more internet advantaged members of the Real Estate CyberSpace Society ($162,000). He offers some specific tips for improving web sites and e-mail communication, including the equipment, software and Internet resources he considers to be the most advantageous. For example, he coaches attendees on a cutting-edge twist with e-mail communication that will keep them in touch with the prime buying-generation among real estate consumers. Always on the forefront of Internet developments, Hainge also introduces ways that the hot trend of social networking can be adapted as a tool for real estate marketing.

Gary David Hall - "Choosing Real Estate Specific Contact Management or CRM Solution"
Staying productive in today's market depends a great deal upon consistent follow-up with potential clients to get business; and solid transaction management to close the business. It is becoming more obvious to more agents, that having one integrated system that tracks a person from prospect, through past client, without letting things fall through the cracks, is a very desirable tool. With more than 40 Real Estate specific CRM (Customer Relationship Management) solutions available to agents, this presentation fills the need for help and direction in choosing the best one for your needs.

Howie Jacobson - "Drive'em Home with AdWords!"
Adwords for Dummies author Howie Jacobson provides a quick course on the Google service that is transforming Web marketing. “For local businesses, especially, who want to be found on the Internet, Adwords is the quickest, simplest, easiest, most assured way of doing that,” says Jacobson. He explains how this “stock market for words” operates and unlocks the secrets for real estate agents to cash in. On one hand, Adwords can drive hot leads to your website. On the other hand, it can be used to improve your landing pages for better lead conversion. Jacobson knows and shares the tips to make these results happen. Using keywords is at the heart of the process, and Jacobson explains a way to evaluate keyword choices without spending a dime. His ideas cover how to improve an adwords campaign as well as the best strategy for ad follow-up. Besides telling what to do right, he cites two important mistakes to avoid. In this new age of Internet marketing, testing is just as important as it was with traditional direct mail. According to Jacobson, the Google system makes testing easy. With Google, savvy users can get answers within hours or days for tens or hundreds of dollars instead of taking months and spending thousands of dollars.

Dr. Mark Levine - "Real Estate Faux Pas—Killing your Business with Cultural Boo Boos"
Most of us know and are aware of playing a sport golf, tennis, basketball, etc.and making a bad shot or performing poorly.

The problem in the global world, the world of international business, real estate or otherwise, is that we often perform poorly, by making the wrong comment, using the wrong gesture, etc. Yet, we often do not know that we have committed a blundera faux pas. And, when we lose the real estate transaction, we may not be aware that the transaction was lost, not from within a problem with the property, but from the faux pas that we never knew took place. The moral of the story: Learn what is killing your international transactionsand correct the problems and avoid the faux pas (boo boos).

Rob Levy - "In-the-Trenches Agent Tips!"
Rob Levy, super agent and co-founder of Real Pro Systems, links increased agent productivity to the connectivity possible through technology. According to Levy, real estate tech tools have improved over the last three years, and effective new ones have appeared. Levy identifies the hardware advances that can give RE pros an advantage and explains the tech-based marketing strategies at the heart of his own real estate success. A pioneer in stealth marketing, he shares how he uses this clever approach to attract a high volume of buyer and seller leads from the Internet. He directs attendees to the products available from Real Pro Systems that are based on what Levy has personally found to work in the marketplace. These include a system to support stealth marketing and lead conversion as well as a new product that puts the agent’s name in front of past clients and their friends and family over a sustained period of time. Looking to the future, Levy notes: “This current market is slow for a lot of people…. I really believe that adopting technology now…will let you leapfrog to the next level when the market turns around.”

Stefan Lubinski - "Explode Real Estate Sales with Video Marketing"
Video marketing is sweeping the nation. Real Estate professionals are connecting with 100 Million plus YouTubers alone! Real Estate professionals are just starting to tap into the power of video. From prospecting to referral business, and even time management and customer service web based video is changing the way real estate professionals run their business. Learn about the WHY behind the power of video marketing and the HOW you can get started right away, and if you already have a camera... for FREE! Finally get beyond the buzz words like web 2.0 and understand what is really going on, and how easy it is to get involved and start reaping the benefits. Nationally recognized Video Marketing and Sales Expert and Speaker, Stefan Lubinski explains in a fun and easy to understand fashion how Video Marketing can change your real estate business forever!

Alex Mandossian - "Harnessing the Power of Easy Web Meetings "
International web marketing expert Alex Mandossian focuses on a fast and easy strategy for expanding visibility with teleseminars and information marketing. “I don’t look at my telephone as a phone. I look at it as an ATM machine,” he says, identifying it as a piece of equipment that can generate more leads than most agents dream possible. Mandossian shifts the old-style one-on-one approach to a more efficient version that allows agents to qualify and prepare prospects before investing personal time. Towards that goal, he defines what a teleseminar is and outlines the steps a real estate professional needs to take to make this powerful technique work. Another simple way for agents to get information into the marketplace and to generate a lot of traffic for their own web sites is to write articles. Mandossian offers attendees tried-and-true guidelines for writing articles and gives both high-tech and low-tech syndication tips for extending their reach. He suggests a blogging resource for those who want to keep that process simple, and he identifies his favorite web site of all time.

Master Guide to "Income Property Brokerage"
These are the basic and Internet techniques that helped Jack Peckham go on from selling three family houses to selling over a Billion Dollars in Income Properties ....And now these same techniques can bring you huge commissions too!

Visit Site And Purchase Book

Justin McCarthy - "Using Google to Boost Your Real Estate Sales"
Justin McCarthy is responsible for leveraging Google's volume of real estate searches for top real estate companies. McCarthy emphasizes that Google, since its inception, has served both the public and the industry “by passing consumers directly to professionals at no cost to either.” He makes clear what Google’s intentions are going forward. McCarthy enumerates three easy ways that agents and brokers can establish a Google presence that can readily be searched, explaining how three particular Google services can be utilized to increase the visibility of agents and their properties. He also mentions why Google mapping services have been embraced aggressively by the real estate industry. Among Google’s newer offerings is Google Apps. McCarthy advises individual agents and small to mid-sized companies how they can use this suite of mostly free, web-based applications to improve their day-to-day work practices. Although Google tools are his focus, McCarthy also shares some other favorites of his on the Web.

Maggie McCullough - "All the Free Demographic and Neighborhood Data You Need"
Real estate professionals now have better access to a wealth of reliable market and demographic data with a new online resource called Policy Map ( ) gives users a snapshot of neighborhoods and the residents who live there. Use PolicyMap to research and map more than 4,000 indicators related to real estate, demographics, crime, schools, and more. With PolicyMap, prospective homebuyers can identify their dream neighborhood to accompany their dream home. In this presentation, Maggie McCullough gives a brief demonstration of how to use PolicyMap and describes ways in which real estate professionals are utilizing PolicyMap.

Judy McCutchin - "Power Broker E-Secrets!"
Judy McCutchin, one of the nation’s top cyber agents, shares her frontline observations about what works in today’s marketplace. She describes the formula that has kept her successful over many years and in all kinds of market cycles. “Parts of it are technology related, and parts of it are just people related. The main thing is to differentiate yourself from other agents,” she sums up. McCutchin is always seeking what is new on the technology front that can be used to improve her team approach to doing business. She describes her system and the latest tools she is incorporating, providing listeners with tips for responding to people almost instantaneously. One neat cutting edge tool is her replacement for a traditional brochure box. McCutchin tells why the Real Estate CyberSpace Society is her favorite resource for keeping up with technology changes, and she also lists a variety of additional Web-based resources.

Nancy Michaels - "How to Boost Your Business with an E-Zine! "
Nancy Michaels tells how to boost business with a client-building e-zine. Her message blends elements of the old and the new. She reminds attendees of the universal truths of marketing—what she explains as V-C-R. But she also acknowledges that technology has advanced marketing efforts and the way agents market to their client base. The tech tool she focuses on is the e-zine. “E-zines give people a visual, concrete way of thinking about what it is you can potentially do for them,” she advises agents. She suggests how an e-zine can be used for marketing to target audiences in a very cost-effective way. Drawing on her own experience with an e-zine, Michaels passes along tips to make a publication appealing to recipients and strategies for getting people signed up to receive it. She warns about not being overly technical or overly concerned about perfection. What is most important is to get something into circulation!

John M. Peckham III - "How Anyone Can Sell Income Property On-line"
Jack Peckham, Real Estate CyberSpace Society Executive Director and author of “A Master Guide to Income Property Brokerage” outlines his systems for selling income property on-line. He details the power of using listeservs and other networking devices to instantly reach the broadest market possible. Jack shares the exact same tools that have enabled him to sell over a billion dollars of income property on-line – with no assistants – no salespeople and no secretary – all in 20% of his working time!

John M. Peckham - "Something Terrible Happens Without Promotion --- NOTHING!"
Pt Barnum said "Something Terrible Happens Without Promotion --- nothing!" -- and it's certainly like that in real estate today. Jack Peckham discusses building visibility before a live class in a snippet from the just released "Sell like a Giant in CyberSpace" video DVD.

Raleigh R. Pinskey - "Get ‘Em With Your 8-Second Media Hook!"
Attendees will learn the components of an 8-second (or less) high impact, issue oriented, power pitch

5 components that make a newsworthy topic compelling
A 6-word phrase that will make the media say, “Yes I want to interview you, tell me more”
What to put in the email subject line to get you past the gate keeper
Maximum amount of words to include in your pitch
How to find the media
How to keep them wanting more
3 strategies to get the audience to do business with you

Real Buyer
The Real Buyer Direct real estate buyers' database is a searchable national database of over 7000 institutional buyers including their detailed investment criteria. Each lead provides the appropriate contact person, address, phone and fax number (in many cases e-mail contact information), type of property sought, preferred investment size, geographical preference, minimum square footage (if applicable) and minimum number of units (if applicable). In most cases notes pertaining to the company and containing valuable information relative to acquisition desires and plans are included.

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Dan Gooder Richard - "Rainmaker Mar-Ka-Ching!"
Whether youre an expert or a novice in todays real estate market you need cutting-edge marketing that works. Author and marketing-expert Dan Gooder Richard details four proven marketing strategies to boost your business right now. In this presentation youll discover how to make lead generation Job One, why combined offline and online marketing works best, and how to maximize leads with web forms and Microsites. Youll also learn how to go green and save with e-mail marketing. Stop spending time and money on marketing that doesnt work. Apply these ideas and create a steady stream of business with Rainmaker Mar-Ka-Ching!

Robert Ringer - "Winning Through Intimidation"
Robert Ringer is a dynamic public speaker and author of Winning Through Intimidation and other motivational best sellers. He offers his wisdom for surviving and excelling in the real estate business. He shares how of controlling one’s destiny with his “Leapfrog Theory” and “Tortoise and Hare Theory” of perseverance can transform an agent’s career from subsistence level to success. He warns about three kinds of “professors” who taught him in the school of hard knocks, which he dubs “Screw U.” Ringer shares the insight he learned from “salting the record” and shows how to protect an agent’s rightful commission—a simple proactive move can make all the difference. According to Ringer, “Real estate professionals, because they must continuously take action, cannot afford the excess baggage of having a lot of people-taxers in their life.” He explains who these people are and why they must be avoided. Ringer’s message is especially compelling because he draws on his own life experience as a real estate broker.

Bernice Ross - "Web & Video Tips to Attract Buyers and Sellers "
National cyber coach Bernice Ross explains how the model for doing real estate has evolved over the last thirty years. “The transactions that are most successful today are those where the brand, the agent and the client all work together,” says Ross. She tells in practical detail how to follow that collaborative model. Ross advises attendees to build their business on what they do best, and she recommends a guidebook for finding their strengths. She thinks that striking a balance between old and new is the best approach and offers her strong opinion about some old practices that should be abandoned. High on her list of new Web tools are social networking sites. Ross shares the secret for gaining business benefit from them. She identifies the top social networking site for professional use as well as several other Web resources, including a site that is a good alternative to a blogging service. Ross sees two key real estate trends underway. She not only explains their importance, she tells how the two can be combined. Among her Web tool recommendations are an easy syndication service for video, a new search engine that rivals Google and an interactive virtual tour provider.

Jerry Rossi - "Grow Up in a Down Market!"
Jerry Rossi advises attendees on harnessing the power of the Internet to make their business “grow up in a down market”. He is a champion of free and low-cost strategies. According to Rossi, “Real estate agents are this huge target…Everyone who is selling passive marketing is shooting at you.” He emphasizes that marketing does not have to be expensive to be effective, but it needs to be active. He gives a rule of thumb measure for determining if marketing strategies are worthwhile. Among his practical tips are creative, active ways to drive traffic to a web site. Rossi explains the concept of “spatial repetition” and a cost-effective method to use it. He also tells defines “third level domain” and illustrates how a third-level-domain technique can be cleverly used to promote one’s own web site.

Michael Russer - "Drip Marketing Magic" - Keynote
Over 95% of online inquiries are not ready to do business, but at some time will be. This session shares the secrets of how to use targeted drip marketing to turn all those “little fish” into keepers!

Sell Like a Giant in CyberSpace!
Four hours of video training plus the original class handbook. Perfect for individual or sales meeting training.

"The Most Powerful Four Hours of Training You Will Ever Experience!"

In this one information-filled video course you will learn:

How to leverage sales with CyberSpace tools & strategies!
How to get incredible - almost instantaneous responses!
How to master the selling power of E-mail!
How to protect yourself in CyberSpace!
How to maximize your visibility!
How to network quickly and inexpensively

Visit Site And Purchase Product

Colleen Sheridan - "How to Turn Small Deals into Big Commissions!"
Small-space specialist Colleen Sheridan tells how to turn small deals into big commissions. “MySquareFeet is an Internet platform dedicated to making small-space marketing easier and more affordable,” says Sheridan. She explains how the site brings together agents, owners and searching tenants to fill a niche unmet by larger competitors. Her specialty site offers both Commercial and Residential agents the chance to work deals that they might otherwise pass up. Sheridan makes suggestions to brokers and agents for using MySquareFeet effectively. The tips that she shares about how she drives traffic to her site are ideas that can be adapted by real estate pros for their own web sites. Sheridan also names her favorite online resources for Internet marketing and shares her vision for real estate marketing in the future.

Edward S. Smith - "Real Estate Investment Basics – All About Numbers"
Attendees will learn the basic terminology and formulas used in evaluating the value and potential returns on investment properties.

Rochelle Stone - "Real Estate Investing; Optimizing Today's Real Estate Market"
Real Estate in general may be soft - but it may be perfect timing for your clients to rethink their investment strategies. The overriding reason for people to invest in real estate: to improve their lives. Whether building wealth to provide lifestyle for their families, for prestige or retirement income, or to eventually leave an estate for their heirs, the investor's intent in acquisition or disposal of real property should be to improve their current position. This presentation provides agents with tools allowing them to work effectively with clients, to create, and protect investments in any market.

Stefan Swanepoel - "Social Networking -The New Real Estate Phenomenon" - Keynote

Susan Sweeney - "Your E-Formula for Real Estate Success!"
International Internet productivity trainer and author Susan Sweeney advises agents how to maximize the benefit they gain from their marketing efforts. She begins with practical tips for a good web site, covering everything from content to features and good design. “If consumers are looking for a real estate agent, …they are going to visit at least three real estate web sites,” says Sweeney. She concludes that it is vital for an agent’s site to be technologically competitive. Two of the technical features she explains are an expanded use of autoresponders and interactive mapping specific to real estate. Promoting a web site is also key, and Sweeney suggests two very different approaches to attracting website visitors—pay per click advertising and viral marketing. E-mail communication, which she defines as “permission marketing,” should follow the guidelines she presents, including the proper structure for a signature file.

Jack Teems - "Exciting, Neat Net Tricks!"
Jack Teems, the man behind the widely followed web-letter “Neat Net Tricks,” offers his favorite online resources for everything from the best antivirus software to the latest navigational tools for travel. His intention is to distinguish between web tools that are truly useful and those that are a waste of time. Teem’s lighthearted, straightforward advice presents listeners with many practical, easy-to-use tips that can be applied to business as well as personal situations. Nothing is more essential to both realms than his advice on basic computer security. Teems explains what is needed for the first line of computer defense and recommends the online resources to achieve it. Carrying the “protection” theme even further, he tells how to defend against identity theft and how to navigate online anonymously. Some of his most useful tips for doing real estate business involve ways to improve written communication through services that retrieve and forward regular mail and email, and that track the opening of email messages and links. Adding even more to his appeal, Teems declares, “Truthfully, I like the word FREE!” Most of his tips are not only effective but also available at no cost.

VIP Supporter
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Mollie Wasserman - "Stop Working for FREE! The New Real Estate Consulting Model"
Tired of being asked to cut your commission in order to get a deal? Fed up with losing business to FSBO or MLS Entry-Only Companies? Sick of working for FREE because you wasted your precious time on listings that didn’t sell and buyers that didn’t buy? Would you like to get paid for ALL of your work, not just the deals that close? Then don’t miss this dynamic session with Mollie W. Wasserman, author of “Ripping the Roof off Real Estate” and founder of The Accredited Consultant in Real Estate® ( ACRE) Course and Coaching Program.

Margot Weinstein - "Top Ten Agent Marketing Mistakes"
Effective marketing is the key to success in any real estate market. But in today’s economy, creating a great marketing program is even more critical to your survival and your profits in the business than it has been in past. This session helps professionals learn how to avoid making any or all of the top ten marketing mistakes that real estate professionals often make, and learn techniques to help you design the best marketing program to fit the current market.

Dirk Zeller - "10 Tips for Working With Buyers!"
Buyers are more challenging in today's marketplace because they feel a newfound control of the marketplace. In this program you will learn ten tips, strategies and tactics to convert the Buyers more effectively to a commission check.

Dirk will reveal and coach you how to deal with the core misconceptions that Buyers have in today’s marketplace, what questions to ask Buyers in this changing marketplace, and how to take control of the Buyers and use the magic sales word in your sales success dialogue.