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Jennifer Allan - "Selling to Your Sphere of Influence: No Sales Pitch Required!"
Whoever came up with the idea that the best way to generate business and referrals from your friends is to pester them to death? If traditional approaches to relationship marketing leave you cold, you'll want to hear what Jennifer has to say on the matter. Yes, you CAN succeed with a referral-based business model without becoming that annoying real estate agent everyone avoids at parties...

Anticipating Change
This is a must see, mind stretching look at the future. See how the power of mega-computing will change not only the way you do business but also the way you live. This presentation will keep you on the mega-cutting edge. It makes a sales meeting hit and will send chills up the spines of all practicing real estate professionals.

Sherry Chris - "Networking On-Line and Off-Line!"
Join Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate LLC CEO, Sherry Chris, as she gives practical insight into making sense of social media, for your business. Get expert advice, tips and tools you can start using right away.

Karen Deis - "Finding Home Buyer Gold in Apartment Complexes"
The NAR Survey of Home Buyers and Sellers has stated that almost 40% of all home sales, over the last 11 years, have been to first time home buyers. What's more, over 60% of those first-time home buyers, RENTED before buying their first home! So why market to apartment complexes? Because that's where you will find buyers! Karen goes thru her step by step process that she used in her real estate and mortgage business for almost 10 years! Here's what you will learn:   

How to do your research   

What to send them   

The follow up system

...because the addresses never change, but the people who live there do, so you are constantly marketing to new people!

Jim Droz- "Handling Seller Objections"
Have you given thought to the thousands of dollars you can lose by not knowing how to respond to just one objection? A true professional knows how to ease client concerns. And, he/she knows how to encourage a buyer or seller to take action in a direction that is in the clients best interest. Have you prepared yourself to handle the most common client concerns? In this session, you will learn how to respond to many of the objections that confront an agent on a near daily basis.

Randy Eagar - "Need For Feeds"
This session covers how to use blogs and RSS feeds as user-driven marketing platforms to enhance and improve content publishing and syndication. Learn in addition about podcasting and successful "drip marketing" campaigns. This will discuss how blogs and RSS marketing can be used to enable access to any web site, device, content platform, or application; and enable users to get their message out more productively in whatever form they desire and whenever they want. Learn the best tips, tools, and techniques to optimize content delivery via blogs, podcasts, video casts and RSS feeds for maximum reach and effectiveness. Find out how RSS marketing can be used to increase search engine rankings.

Jim Gillespie - "How to Make Big Money in a Difficult Commercial Market"
The economy has changed dramatically, and making big money in commercial real estate brokerage requires a new mindset and immediate action. In this presentation you'll learn the important steps to take right now in your brokerage business to make sure you're making solid money and beating your competition to the business. In addition, you'll get an inside look at what could be the most creative marketing approach ever utilized in commercial real estate brokerage, from a broker who's closing more than $55 million a year in commercial real estate transactions.

Gary David Hall - "Choosing Real Estate Specific Contact Management or CRM Solution"
Staying productive in today's market depends a great deal upon consistent follow-up with potential clients to get business; and solid transaction management to close the business. It is becoming more obvious to more agents, that having one integrated system that tracks a person from prospect, through past client, without letting things fall through the cracks, is a very desirable tool. With more than 40 Real Estate specific CRM (Customer Relationship Management) solutions available to agents, this presentation fills the need for help and direction in choosing the best one for your needs.

Dr. Mark Levine - "Real Estate Faux Pas—Killing your Business with Cultural Boo Boos"
Most of us know and are aware of playing a sport golf, tennis, basketball, etc.and making a bad shot or performing poorly.

The problem in the global world, the world of international business, real estate or otherwise, is that we often perform poorly, by making the wrong comment, using the wrong gesture, etc. Yet, we often do not know that we have committed a blundera faux pas. And, when we lose the real estate transaction, we may not be aware that the transaction was lost, not from within a problem with the property, but from the faux pas that we never knew took place. The moral of the story: Learn what is killing your international transactionsand correct the problems and avoid the faux pas (boo boos).

Stefan Lubinski - "Explode Real Estate Sales with Video Marketing"
Video marketing is sweeping the nation. Real Estate professionals are connecting with 100 Million plus YouTubers alone! Real Estate professionals are just starting to tap into the power of video. From prospecting to referral business, and even time management and customer service web based video is changing the way real estate professionals run their business. Learn about the WHY behind the power of video marketing and the HOW you can get started right away, and if you already have a camera... for FREE! Finally get beyond the buzz words like web 2.0 and understand what is really going on, and how easy it is to get involved and start reaping the benefits. Nationally recognized Video Marketing and Sales Expert and Speaker, Stefan Lubinski explains in a fun and easy to understand fashion how Video Marketing can change your real estate business forever!

Maggie McCullough - "All the Free Demographic and Neighborhood Data You Need"
Real estate professionals now have better access to a wealth of reliable market and demographic data with a new online resource called Policy Map ( ) gives users a snapshot of neighborhoods and the residents who live there. Use PolicyMap to research and map more than 4,000 indicators related to real estate, demographics, crime, schools, and more. With PolicyMap, prospective homebuyers can identify their dream neighborhood to accompany their dream home. In this presentation, Maggie McCullough gives a brief demonstration of how to use PolicyMap and describes ways in which real estate professionals are utilizing PolicyMap.

John M. Peckham - "Something Terrible Happens Without Promotion --- NOTHING!"
Pt Barnum said "Something Terrible Happens Without Promotion --- nothing!" -- and it's certainly like that in real estate today. Jack Peckham discusses building visibility before a live class in a snippet from the just released "Sell like a Giant in CyberSpace" video DVD.

Raleigh R. Pinskey - "Get ‘Em With Your 8-Second Media Hook!"
Attendees will learn the components of an 8-second (or less) high impact, issue oriented, power pitch

5 components that make a newsworthy topic compelling
A 6-word phrase that will make the media say, “Yes I want to interview you, tell me more”
What to put in the email subject line to get you past the gate keeper
Maximum amount of words to include in your pitch
How to find the media
How to keep them wanting more
3 strategies to get the audience to do business with you

Dan Gooder Richard - "Rainmaker Mar-Ka-Ching!"
Whether youre an expert or a novice in todays real estate market you need cutting-edge marketing that works. Author and marketing-expert Dan Gooder Richard details four proven marketing strategies to boost your business right now. In this presentation youll discover how to make lead generation Job One, why combined offline and online marketing works best, and how to maximize leads with web forms and Microsites. Youll also learn how to go green and save with e-mail marketing. Stop spending time and money on marketing that doesnt work. Apply these ideas and create a steady stream of business with Rainmaker Mar-Ka-Ching!

Edward S. Smith - "Real Estate Investment Basics – All About Numbers"
Attendees will learn the basic terminology and formulas used in evaluating the value and potential returns on investment properties.

Rochelle Stone - "Real Estate Investing; Optimizing Today's Real Estate Market"
Real Estate in general may be soft - but it may be perfect timing for your clients to rethink their investment strategies. The overriding reason for people to invest in real estate: to improve their lives. Whether building wealth to provide lifestyle for their families, for prestige or retirement income, or to eventually leave an estate for their heirs, the investor's intent in acquisition or disposal of real property should be to improve their current position. This presentation provides agents with tools allowing them to work effectively with clients, to create, and protect investments in any market.

Mollie Wasserman - "Stop Working for FREE! The New Real Estate Consulting Model"
Tired of being asked to cut your commission in order to get a deal? Fed up with losing business to FSBO or MLS Entry-Only Companies? Sick of working for FREE because you wasted your precious time on listings that didn’t sell and buyers that didn’t buy? Would you like to get paid for ALL of your work, not just the deals that close? Then don’t miss this dynamic session with Mollie W. Wasserman, author of “Ripping the Roof off Real Estate” and founder of The Accredited Consultant in Real Estate® ( ACRE) Course and Coaching Program.

Margot Weinstein - "Top Ten Agent Marketing Mistakes"
Effective marketing is the key to success in any real estate market. But in today’s economy, creating a great marketing program is even more critical to your survival and your profits in the business than it has been in past. This session helps professionals learn how to avoid making any or all of the top ten marketing mistakes that real estate professionals often make, and learn techniques to help you design the best marketing program to fit the current market.

Dirk Zeller - "10 Tips for Working With Buyers!"
Buyers are more challenging in today's marketplace because they feel a newfound control of the marketplace. In this program you will learn ten tips, strategies and tactics to convert the Buyers more effectively to a commission check.

Dirk will reveal and coach you how to deal with the core misconceptions that Buyers have in today’s marketplace, what questions to ask Buyers in this changing marketplace, and how to take control of the Buyers and use the magic sales word in your sales success dialogue.