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Broker/Agent Productivity Presentations Package

Austin Allison - "Collaboration Is The New Competition - How You Can Harness The Power of Technology For Your Business"
This presentation focuses on how collaboration affects the real estate industry, and helps teach agents how to leverage the media for both their--and their customers' benefit. Since every real estate transaction is at heart a collaboration between three distinct participants clients, agents, and brokers the focus is on how collaborative technologies in your market will result in more security, more efficiency, and more profitability for all three.

Dave Beson - "The Top Thirteen Tools for Tough Times"
Tough times don't last, but tough people do. In this session Dave will help you discover thirteen tools to add results and profits to your business in face of any current economic headwinds. You will be introduced to a laser-focused activity based business plan. Additionally, you will learn six free pr tools to rev up your marketing and Internet presence. And you'll witness a listing presentation that focuses on your local market expertise and your "X FACTOR" -- the something extra you bring to each transactions. That's just three of the thirteen POWER TOOLS you'll sample in this fast-paced presentation featuring Dave Beson, the most experienced presenter in real estate.

Mal Duane - "Tips from the Agent Field!"
Cyber broker-agent Mal Duane offers tips for boosting sales with "compound marketing." She explains, "We're creating new business off of past business. It's like putting money in the bank and getting interest on it." Duane not only defines her approach to marketing but also suggests how to implement it. At the core of her marketing plan is a product available for free to Real Estate CyberSpace Society members. Duane also tells how to leverage business from another Society membership benefit discounted virtual tours from Real Estate Shows. Among other practical suggestions is a clever, low-cost program she uses to take advantage of consumer's concerns over mortgage-related issues. This program keeps her in touch with past clients, provides her with their endorsement and puts her in direct contact with their referrals. Throughout her presentation, Duane references the Internet sites that she accesses for no-cost or low-cost services to support her real estate marketing.

Wendy Forsythe - "Why Recruiting Doesn't Work Anymore!"
Times have changed and we need to change the mindset of recruiting. What are today's sales professionals looking for and how do you go about attracting them to your company?
Join me to learn why a "one size fits all" approach to building your office doesn't work anymore and what you need to do in order to attract the next generation real estate professional.

Tom Gonser - "How Realtors Use Electronic Signatures to Accelerate Their Business and Outperform the Competition"
Real estate professionals are quickly adopting electronic signatures to manage the paper flow and improve critical business processes. The National Association of Realtors is now offering its members an electronic signature service that provides a better option than driving across town to get a signature or forcing their clients to find a fax machine.

Learn how savvy Realtors are using Web-based e-signature services to execute agreements with buyers and sellers electronically, eliminating the old process of printing, faxing, and waiting for the return fax. By automating the signing process, they achieve higher sales, increase client satisfaction and maintain a competitive edge. This session will examine how to use electronic signatures in real estate transactions, including the transaction flow from both the Realtor's and the homebuyer's perspective. Attendees will also learn how faxes can be incorporated into an electronic signing process.

Rich Levin - "From Your First Assistant to a Multi Agent Team!"
Real Estate Agent Teams are a reality of a successful business. The challenge is for the Agent to reach their greatest potential while increasing their quality of life and their service to their Clients and the public. Like any other professional, this is only possible when the Agent brings other people into their practice. Good decision making, solid business systems and appropriate skills are necessary. All of these elements of building a successful practice are developed in this session.

Rob Levy - "In-the-Trenches Agent Tips!"
Rob Levy, super agent and co-founder of Real Pro Systems, links increased agent productivity to the connectivity possible through technology. According to Levy, real estate tech tools have improved over the last three years, and effective new ones have appeared. Levy identifies the hardware advances that can give RE pros an advantage and explains the tech-based marketing strategies at the heart of his own real estate success. A pioneer in stealth marketing, he shares how he uses this clever approach to attract a high volume of buyer and seller leads from the Internet. He directs attendees to the products available from Real Pro Systems that are based on what Levy has personally found to work in the marketplace. These include a system to support stealth marketing and lead conversion as well as a new product that puts the agent’s name in front of past clients and their friends and family over a sustained period of time. Looking to the future, Levy notes: “This current market is slow for a lot of people…. I really believe that adopting technology now…will let you leapfrog to the next level when the market turns around.”

Suzee Miller - "Energize Your Career and Life with Feng Shui!"
World renowned Feng Shui expert, trainer and author Suzee Miller will show you how to revitalize your career and your life with a few simple changes that will change the way you work and the way you live with astounding results!

Tracey Rumsey - "Know Your Mortgage Rules--And You'll Rule Your Real Estate Market! "
The mortgage and the real estate industy have a symbiotic relationship because 97% of all residential purchases require some type of financing. And they are changing so fast. Think Linda Blair in the "Exorcist".

The real estate pros who make the most money--keep up to date with Fannie, Freddie, FHA, and VA guidelines--because they don't waste their time trying to put deals together that never had a chance to get approved in the first place.

Tracey Rumsey and Brent Green (Panel Discussion) will review the rules & regs that have just been passed. How they will affect your business. How to use them in your favor.

Never again be the last to KNOW!

Ira Serkes - "The Zen of Listings!"
Stealth Listings - Developing a superb Buyer Brokerage Program which results in listings in the future

Extensive non-linear multivariable regression analysis of 17 different market areas continues to prove one thing - 100% of the closing in the United States involve a buyer.

Yet - most trainers focus only on seller representation.

Buyers and Sellers are the Yin and Yang of Real Estate - inter-related and dependent upon each other - but different like night and day.

Find out how you can tap into this amazing source of business - where you represent people who are happy to be moving towards something, have higher profitability, and become sellers in the future. Become a practitioner of the "Zen of Listings"

John Tuccillo - "Top Economist Looks Ahead! "
Top real estate economist John Tuccillo sets the stage by looking ahead for the real estate market. He evaluates the economy in general and tells how and when it is likely to affect the real estate sector for the better. Tuccillo points out that the recovery for the residential and the commercial sides will follow different patterns. He explains factors impacting real estate markets currently and projects what may happen out as far as 2012. Besides offering educated market projections, Tuccillo analyzes how technology has altered the way agents do their business from a practical standpoint. Over the last ten years, the technology tool kit of the average agent has changed dramatically. The more savvy users of real estate tech tools have gained an increasing share of their markets and correspondingly higher income. He explains why it will be even more important going forward to keep up with advances as a new way of doing business emerges. "The next challenge of technology," he emphasizes, "is learning to use social media as part of your business." Tuccillo believes that mastering this new tool is vital to building a real estate career in the future.

Pat Zaby - "Low-Cost but High-Powered Marketing!"
International speaker, Pat Zaby, provides an array of low-to-no-cost marketing tips that focus on resources available online. "Most agents are trying to cut expenses, Zaby explains, "but unfortunately, what they have a tendency to do sometimes is cut things that would actually drive business to them. Marketing drives business, so you can't give up on it totally." He recommends cost-effective marketing alternatives, including several tools from the National Association of REALTORS . Zaby encourages agents to use their ingenuity to create their own Customer Appreciation Program (CAP). He defines that term and offers examples of possible benefits that have perceived value but cost no money. Both the CAP program and social networking tie into Zaby's concept of "permission marketing," a sensible way to approach building relationships and staying in touch with people. According to Zaby, it is possible to make money from social networking if it is used properly and if Real Estate professionals develop adequate Web follow-up. He also shares an innovative strategy for getting postcards out electronically and suggests places to find more marketing ideas and tips on efficient business practices.

Dirk Zeller - "Determining a Home's Ideal List Price"
Securing listings at a competitive price is paramount to becoming a Champion Listing Agent. Being able to gain price reductions is almost as important. Dirk reveals the 5-step process of price reductions that will help ensure the listings you take... sell. Also learn the rules and reason why to take (or help) an overpriced listing.