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Tech Tips and Tools Presentations Package

Amy Chorew - "Leverage Your Productivity With These 7 Mobile Tools! "
7 Mobile Productivity Tools for Real Estate Professional
We are constantly on the go and rely on our smartphone to stay connected. But are you getting the most out of it? Join Amy Chorew as she helps you assess, re-assess or experiment with new tools can make all the difference in your workflow, saving you both time and frustration.

Doug Devitre - "Powering Yourself Online!"
Doug Devitre, a self-proclaimed pioneer in social networking for real estate professionals, addresses the key factors in adopting a social media strategy for business including the issue of time. "In the very beginning of using social media, it's going to take some time to get everything set up, but once you've spent that time, it's just a matter of maintaining what you already have," he assures listeners. Devitre explains why the initial tasks are so important and offers tips for accomplishing them in a way that allows you to integrate the use of more than one social networking venue. An agent's database is at the heart of social networking success. Devitre tells how to easily transfer the right contact information into social media systems and suggests a way to improve the acceptance rate from people you invite into your network. Naming his favorite social media sites for real estate, he explains how they can have a positive impact on conducting business. As an information bonus, Devitre shares several technology tools that enhance social networking efficiency.

Greg Hanson - "Technology in Real Estate: Agents and Consumer Connectivity "
While real estate is intensely personal, consumers are increasingly going to the web first to search for listings and talk to in-the trenches experts for advice, tips and more. In light of this growing trend, it's essential for real estate experts to use the web and sites like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn to their advantage, using these social portals to connect with customers and cultivate leads. Realtors are a social bunch by nature - many already taking advantage of networking groups, lunches, other in-person events to expand their sphere of influence. Networking tools such as Twitter, Facebook, etc. can expand this sphere to an even wider audience, increasing the level of agent and consumer connectivity. Even if these social portals don't yet drive a direct lead, they can help build relationships, which is one of the most important aspects of real estate.

In this presentation, Greg Hanson (Senior Vice President of will address the importance of agents not only interacting with each other across the country and across markets, but consumers being able to interface with agents, marketing department representatives and even other consumers to share their experiences, and enact change in the real estate industry as a whole.

Howie Jacobson - "Drive'em Home with AdWords!"
Adwords for Dummies author Howie Jacobson provides a quick course on the Google service that is transforming Web marketing. “For local businesses, especially, who want to be found on the Internet, Adwords is the quickest, simplest, easiest, most assured way of doing that,” says Jacobson. He explains how this “stock market for words” operates and unlocks the secrets for real estate agents to cash in. On one hand, Adwords can drive hot leads to your website. On the other hand, it can be used to improve your landing pages for better lead conversion. Jacobson knows and shares the tips to make these results happen. Using keywords is at the heart of the process, and Jacobson explains a way to evaluate keyword choices without spending a dime. His ideas cover how to improve an adwords campaign as well as the best strategy for ad follow-up. Besides telling what to do right, he cites two important mistakes to avoid. In this new age of Internet marketing, testing is just as important as it was with traditional direct mail. According to Jacobson, the Google system makes testing easy. With Google, savvy users can get answers within hours or days for tens or hundreds of dollars instead of taking months and spending thousands of dollars.

Alex Mandossian - "Harnessing the Power of Easy Web Meetings "
International web marketing expert Alex Mandossian focuses on a fast and easy strategy for expanding visibility with teleseminars and information marketing. “I don’t look at my telephone as a phone. I look at it as an ATM machine,” he says, identifying it as a piece of equipment that can generate more leads than most agents dream possible. Mandossian shifts the old-style one-on-one approach to a more efficient version that allows agents to qualify and prepare prospects before investing personal time. Towards that goal, he defines what a teleseminar is and outlines the steps a real estate professional needs to take to make this powerful technique work. Another simple way for agents to get information into the marketplace and to generate a lot of traffic for their own web sites is to write articles. Mandossian offers attendees tried-and-true guidelines for writing articles and gives both high-tech and low-tech syndication tips for extending their reach. He suggests a blogging resource for those who want to keep that process simple, and he identifies his favorite web site of all time.

Sarah Milstein - "Twitter Tips and Tricks!"
Sarah Milstein, co-author of The Twitter Book, picks up on the social networking theme. She presents an overview of what Twitter is all about, why it is successful and how it is unique among social media sites. Concerning its marketing value for agents, she says, "When you post [the very short messages], they are public on the Web anyone can see them....They can help you reach people you do not already know." Milstein outlines practical steps about how to build followers on Twitter as well as how to find people already on the site who are worth following. She emphasizes that it is important to make messages appealing, and she explains what kind of content meets that goal. Among the helpful tools she recommends are the Twitter Advanced Search page and a service that can coordinate postings on multiple social networking sites. The issue of "public vs. private information" leads Milstein to suggest that Real Estate pros coordinate the use of Twitter with some other social network such as Facebook. She also cites a few typical mistakes with Twitter that can easily be avoided.

Yori Nelken - "Thinking Outside the Inbox"
As the world moves increasingly online, how can the real-estate industry bring its inherently very physical market to the web - and vice versa. While wikis, social networking profiles and other Web tools are increasingly reliable and relevant to the business day-to-day, email remains the go-to "killer app" for management of business needs, customer interactions and work-flow management. The problem is that email isn't always a great way to connect, coordinate and get things done--especially for real estate professionals. In this session, panelists Yori Nelken (CEO of TimeBridge) and Bay Area realtor, Maureen Kennedy, will discuss how to leverage the best suite of productivity web tools to replace email as a principle vehicle for productivity, and bringing your specific business online.

John M. Peckham III - "How to Protect Yourself in CyberSpace!"
You're hanging out there every day! Follow these guidelines and tips and you'll minimize your chances of needing to take three weeks away from work and family straightening out the mess!

Justin Premick - "Email Marketing: Why It's Relevant, And How You Can Do It Better"
According to the 2009 REALTOR Technology Report, email is the number one communication method of Realtors. It has proven to be one of the best ways to build trust over time and gain 'expert' status in the eyes of prospective clients. Unfortunately, very few realtors use the medium to its fullest advantage. This presentation will examine four simple principles that can be followed to help build your personal brand and ensure the highest return from email campaigns, along with some ideas to make your emails stand out from the pack.

In more depth, we will examine the following:
Permission: Overview of permission-based email marketing and why it brings the highest returns.
Setting and Meeting Expectations: Tips for setting expectations up front and delivering on your promises.
Content - Make Your Emails Stand Out: Stay away from cute and stick to relevant messages that appeal to your audience.
Incorporating Social Media: Email can easily integrate with other emerging forms of communication such as blogs, Facebook and Twitter. Learn how to use email to reach a broader audience than you can with RSS subscribers alone.

Well-planned and executed email broadcasts are a sure-fire way to build trust and maintain a constant flow of communication with former and prospective clients. Learn simple principles that will help you better manage your campaign effectively so when the time comes, they'll know who to call.

Bernice Ross - "Web & Video Tips to Attract Buyers and Sellers "
National cyber coach Bernice Ross explains how the model for doing real estate has evolved over the last thirty years. “The transactions that are most successful today are those where the brand, the agent and the client all work together,” says Ross. She tells in practical detail how to follow that collaborative model. Ross advises attendees to build their business on what they do best, and she recommends a guidebook for finding their strengths. She thinks that striking a balance between old and new is the best approach and offers her strong opinion about some old practices that should be abandoned. High on her list of new Web tools are social networking sites. Ross shares the secret for gaining business benefit from them. She identifies the top social networking site for professional use as well as several other Web resources, including a site that is a good alternative to a blogging service. Ross sees two key real estate trends underway. She not only explains their importance, she tells how the two can be combined. Among her Web tool recommendations are an easy syndication service for video, a new search engine that rivals Google and an interactive virtual tour provider.

Susan Sweeney - "Your E-Formula for Real Estate Success!"
International Internet productivity trainer and author Susan Sweeney advises agents how to maximize the benefit they gain from their marketing efforts. She begins with practical tips for a good web site, covering everything from content to features and good design. “If consumers are looking for a real estate agent, …they are going to visit at least three real estate web sites,” says Sweeney. She concludes that it is vital for an agent’s site to be technologically competitive. Two of the technical features she explains are an expanded use of autoresponders and interactive mapping specific to real estate. Promoting a web site is also key, and Sweeney suggests two very different approaches to attracting website visitors—pay per click advertising and viral marketing. E-mail communication, which she defines as “permission marketing,” should follow the guidelines she presents, including the proper structure for a signature file.

Jack Teems - "Exciting, Neat Net Tricks!"
Jack Teems, the man behind the widely followed web-letter “Neat Net Tricks,” offers his favorite online resources for everything from the best antivirus software to the latest navigational tools for travel. His intention is to distinguish between web tools that are truly useful and those that are a waste of time. Teem’s lighthearted, straightforward advice presents listeners with many practical, easy-to-use tips that can be applied to business as well as personal situations. Nothing is more essential to both realms than his advice on basic computer security. Teems explains what is needed for the first line of computer defense and recommends the online resources to achieve it. Carrying the “protection” theme even further, he tells how to defend against identity theft and how to navigate online anonymously. Some of his most useful tips for doing real estate business involve ways to improve written communication through services that retrieve and forward regular mail and email, and that track the opening of email messages and links. Adding even more to his appeal, Teems declares, “Truthfully, I like the word FREE!” Most of his tips are not only effective but also available at no cost.

Jeff Turner - "Curtains up on Real Estate Shows!"
Jeff Turner, the web marketing innovator who is president of, sums up the significance of the social media phenomenon for real estate professionals. "The hallmark of social media is the notion that you can transform what previously in the marketing and media environment was this monologue…to a dialogue," he says. He reviews a definition of "social media" and explains how the concept is a natural tool for agents to convey their knowledge and expertise and to build relationships necessary for real estate success. Turner addresses the risk of spending too much time on social networking and gives some practical tips for using social networking tools. Besides citing the advantages of having a social media strategy, he also outlines the dangers of failing to use social media in today's online world. Of course, Turner also reminds listeners of how partnership with the Real Estate CyberSpace Society-offers agents an outstanding marketing value.

Sam Wehbe - "Technology for Realtors The New Way - The Web Way"
Managing technology for Realtors (email, the phone system, software, etc.) doesn't have to be aggravating and expensive. A new breed of solutions is delivering technology through the Internet and is making workplace IT a lot easier and a lot less expensive for real estate offices and individual realtors. Not only are these solutions easy and affordable, but they often provide functionality that was previously only accessible to large companies with big IT budgets.
This presentation will provide Realtors with an instant understanding of the advantages your business can draw from web-based tools. Hear a business communications technology expert from Protus, a leading provider of web-based software, discuss:
How hosted services work and how they are priced.
What you can do instead of installing hardware and licensing software for your business.
How to compare and start saving money on the total cost of ownership and operation of your business solutions.