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Promoting Your Business Presentations Package

Sara Bonert - "How Accurate Are Zestimates and How To Discuss Them With Clients"
"But Zillow says..." Ever had a client say this to you? How do you respond? Learn how to have a conversation around this number, help the client understand exactly what it representation using accuracy statistics published on

In the presentation we'll look take a look at where the data comes from and how listing data effect the Zestimate. This is great information for any agent who's ever had a client say "But Zillow says..."

Albert Clark - "Building Relationship Capital With Email"
You will learn how to magnify sales using subscription-based relationship tools. These "Stay In Touch" programs allow Real Estate Professionals to enroll their entire sphere of influence into their branded program that gets delivered and more importantly, read. By connecting newsletters to a web base portal and social networking on the web these systems afford the professional with data mining and performance metrics.

Karen Deis - "First-Time Home Buying Seminars - Made Simple! "
Have you ever held a home-buying seminar--and no one showed up? Don't ever let that happen to you again. In Karen's 28 years in the mortgage business, the attendance at her homebuying seminars averaged 30 people per month--with some months averaging 50 people. Every seminar led to 3-5 closed deals per session. Here's what you will learn:

The biggest mistakes everyone makes
5 Niche seminars that draw the biggest crowds
Alternative ideas if you are afraid to speak in public
Creative Content (Topics that differentiate you from other agents)
Effective headlines and sample ads
How to get people to attend
How to follow up AFTER the event

William Exeter - "Expand Your Real Estate Business with the Deferred Sales Trust"
This presentation will describe the Deferred Sales Trust, and detail the benefits and advantages to Realtors' clients. This session will outline the technical issues involved in using the Deferred Sales Trust, and focus on how the Realtor can use the Deferred Sales Trust to build, expand and diversify their new or existing real estate business.

Jim Kimmons - "Great Marketing Tools for Little or Nothing"
Jim Kimmons, who serves as the Real Estate Guide at, concentrates on helpful real estate tools and strategies that are available at little or no cost. An active agent himself, Kimmons looks for ways to do his job better, faster, easier and cheaper. His list of recommended tools and services has passed his own tests for being practical and effective. For example, he names two specific cell phone tools that have improved his mobility and recommends several other high-efficiency tools he uses. When asked to identify the most effective lead generator for agents, Kimmons replies without hesitation, "I'm really biased on this one. If it's not already the best, it's going to be!" He refers to business and social networking and blogging. Kimmons explains how he has redesigned his own web site using a blog format to take advantage of the social media trend. He comments on his connections to three of the leading social media sites in particular. Kimmons also offers advice on a pay per click strategy to increase web site traffic and gives tips to improve drip e-mail.

Stefan Lubinski - "Explode Real Estate Sales with Video Marketing"
Video marketing is sweeping the nation. Real Estate professionals are connecting with 100 Million plus YouTubers alone! Real Estate professionals are just starting to tap into the power of video. From prospecting to referral business, and even time management and customer service web based video is changing the way real estate professionals run their business. Learn about the WHY behind the power of video marketing and the HOW you can get started right away, and if you already have a camera... for FREE! Finally get beyond the buzz words like web 2.0 and understand what is really going on, and how easy it is to get involved and start reaping the benefits. Nationally recognized Video Marketing and Sales Expert and Speaker, Stefan Lubinski explains in a fun and easy to understand fashion how Video Marketing can change your real estate business forever!

Zahara Mossman - "Social Network Your Way to Success!"
International real estate specialist Zahara Mossman, speaks from personal experience about how social networking can lead to an expansion of business. She exclaims with enthusiasm, “It is an amazing tool to get the message directly to the consumer. In other words—direct marketing!” A strong proponent of using technology to work virtually, Mossman recognizes social networking as a natural extension of traditional marketing. She identifies her favorite social media sites for doing real estate, the special benefits of each, and how their use can be integrated. In discussing Facebook, for example, she explains the advantages of having a fan page in addition to a regular Facebook page. Plus, Mossman shares her strategy for reaching an exact market with social networks. Social networking advantages are numerous, but Mossman does highlight an important caveat that social networkers need to keep in mind.

Abe Murray - "Google, Don't Be Evil!"
In the lead interview, Abe Murray, product manager for Goggle Maps, introduces new ways for real estate professionals to bring customers in the door. Google has been reaching out broadly to data providers in US residential markets not to compete with the real estate industry, but to better serve Google searchers and thereby benefit brokers and agents. According to Murray, "The company goal is always to get more information into [our index] and to let as many people see it as possible." Google mapping tools are an effective solution, and he lays out three specific ways that agents can take advantage of exposure on Google Maps. His tips include how to post listing information efficiently, both for Google Maps and primary Google searches. For those who prefer not to do-it-yourself, he recommends a free service available online. Other tips he shares cover how to benefit from the related mapping service Google Earth and how to set up a cost-effective advertising campaign using Adwords. Murray also mentions two new mapping features that excite real estate professionals one that is shared by Google Maps and Google Earth, and one that is a brand new application on Google Maps for Mobile.

John M. Peckham - "Something Terrible Happens Without Promotion --- NOTHING!"
Pt Barnum said "Something Terrible Happens Without Promotion --- nothing!" -- and it's certainly like that in real estate today. Jack Peckham discusses building visibility before a live class in a snippet from the just released "Sell like a Giant in CyberSpace" video DVD.

Raleigh R. Pinskey - "Get ‘Em With Your 8-Second Media Hook!"
Attendees will learn the components of an 8-second (or less) high impact, issue oriented, power pitch

5 components that make a newsworthy topic compelling
A 6-word phrase that will make the media say, “Yes I want to interview you, tell me more”
What to put in the email subject line to get you past the gate keeper
Maximum amount of words to include in your pitch
How to find the media
How to keep them wanting more
3 strategies to get the audience to do business with you

Dan Gooder Richard - "Rainmaker Niche Marketing: How To Capture Short Sale Listings!"
"Rainmaker Niche Marketing: How To Capture Short Sale Listings!" Whether you're an expert or a novice in today's short sale listing market you need a money-making edge over your competition. Author and marketing-expert Dan Gooder Richard reveals the secrets of top Rainmaker real estate agents to boost your short sale business with niche marketing in today's market. You'll take away inside secrets on how to target and ramp up a profitable short sale niche in your market area, how to maximize lead generation with integrated offline and online marketing, and how to multiply your short sale listing business by leveraging your existing general brokerage presence. You'll also learn how a niche website is critical to make more money from listing short-sale sellers. Stop spending time and money on mass marketing that doesn't pay off. Apply these money-making niche marketing strategies and create a steady stream of short sale business with Rainmaker Niche Marketing!

Bruce Rogat - "Postcard Marketing Magic with Pizazz!"
Learn how postcard marketing has changed over the past 20 years. Advances in printing technology have yielded special digital printing techniques today. This presentation will show you how new variable data photo image postcards can increase your response rate by up to 40%. Nobody throws away a postcard with a unique photo image with their own name on it. These special images can be used for calendars, notepads, postcards, newsletters, business cards and complex emails. Their effectiveness is increased with landing Pages and email list building is made easier.

Scott Vinson - "How to Have Employers Endorsing YOUR Services to Their Employees"
What if you had 5,000 local employees being told by their employer to use YOU for their next real estate transaction? If you closed only 15% of employees needing real estate services, you'd have 100+ new deals per year!

Discover a proven, battle-tested formula for influencing companies to endorse YOU as their preferred mortgage and/or real estate advisor to all of their employees. Attend this session and here's just a portion of what you will learn:

>Contacting The Right People - What's the best approach?
>The Perfect Economic Storm - Why do local employers need YOU to help make their business a better place to work?
>Recipe For Success - What does a successful Corporate Mortgage and/or Real Estate Benefits program look like?
>Avoiding Objections - What are the critical steps you need to take?
>A Lifetime Of Income* - How can you implement a system to generate a steady stream of leads month-after-month and year-after-year?

Mollie Wasserman - "Tired of Working for Free? Then Stop Selling and Start Consulting!"
The changing role of the real estate professional along with the continued revolutionary growth in technology has made the traditional sales model that only offers a one-size-DOESN'T-fit-all package available only by commission, as outmoded as the typewriter.

In this fast-paced presentation, Mollie W. Wasserman, founder of the Accredited Consultant in Real Estate (ACRE ) Program shows how real estate professionals can avoid the commission cutting trap, eliminate competition from discount, MLS-Entry Only and FSBO companies, make additional income WITHOUT even selling or listing a house, and thrive in this economy by giving consumers what they are demanding while being paid fairly for their skills, expertise, and time.