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Top Commercial Presentors Package

Jim Gillespie - "Five Important Activities for Exploding Your Commercial Brokerage Business!"
Jim will discuss the five important activities that brokers should be doing on an ongoing basis to grow their commercial brokerage businesses, and will provide additional resources for accomplishing this.

Richard Lombardi - "1031 Exchange vs Refinance or Straight Sale or Hold"
There are many presentations on how to do 1031 tax defered exchanges, but none explain when you should do an exchange. This presentation will focus on when to do an exchange versus other alternatives: refinance and buy a second property, sell and pay your taxes, continue to hold your property or do a 1031 tax deferred exchange and defer your gain into your next property. If you compare the four economic benefits of ownership (cash flow, income tax savings, loan pay down paid by tenants and appreciation) for your current position and your new position, you can easily see which is the best way to go. We will show you how to compute the current four economic benefits and compare them in an easy format to the four benefits in the various new positions.

Jay Lucas - "Boost Your Commercial Prowess!"
Jay Lucas, CEO of a Site To Do Business, shares the latest and greatest tech tools for commercial agents-and for all real estate pros. He presents STDBonline as a value for all real estate specialties. "The service has always had really good information that people can use in the residential or the commercial industry," he says. Lucas explains how the site levels the playing field for small practitioners to compete with major companies. The updated tools on the site make strong use of the latest GIS (geographic information system) technology, and Lucas tells listeners how to apply some of these products for a WOW impact on clients. He also introduces the CCIM REDEX (Real Estate Data Exchange) program, expected to be launched shortly. Lucas closes by telling where he thinks technology is headed and how it can help agents be better professionals going forward.

Edward Smith - "What you "must" know about GREEN"
Commercial agents need to be able to educate owners, landlords and tenants about sustainablility concepts - "Green". Tenants are asking if the building is Green. What does Green really mean? Landlords need to understand the benefits of energy and water conservation in their buildings and the fact that today Green is cost effective. What are the Green rating systems? What is the goverment doing about Green? This seminar will give an overview of Green concepts and answer these questions.